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2018 NFL Mock Draft: Bengals land a high-upside lineman

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In the most recent SB Nation mock draft, the Bengals are caught in a quarterback-heavy first round, and they end up with their choice of quality players.

Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

SB Nation has updated their mock draft following the Senior Bowl, and the major change is all of the quarterbacks going in the top 15.

There ended up being five taken, which is great for a team like the Bengals who don’t have a huge need at quarterback this season. This meant the Bengals had their choice of players, but who they ended up with was very interesting.

Here is the Bengals pick from SB Nation:

12. Cincinnati Bengals: Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma

Brown may not be the most athletic offensive tackle, but he’s arguably the best blocker in this year’s draft.

Offensive tackle is one of the Bengals’ most glaring needs, and even if the player only ends up being a right tackle, it would still be huge for them to lock down a solid player at that position.

Brown is a giant at 6’8” and 360 pounds, so odds are he would have some trouble at left tackle with all the speed rushers, but he could end up being a great run-blocking tackle for the Bengals for years to come. He could be a guy Joe Mixon runs behind for at least the next few years, something he was used to doing at the college level.

What was interesting about this mock was the Bengals also had the choice of several other players that have often fallen to them in mocks so far this offseason. Plus, Brown had fallen behind several of these players recently, so his resurgence back up to 12 is interesting.

Here is a brief look at the other players that were available that the Bengals passed on:

Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

The order of Brown and McGlinchey honestly depends on the person making the mock draft at this point. Brown is the very high-upside player who could end up being an All-Pro talent at the tackle position, but he could end up being a bust if he doesn’t prove he can be quick enough against NFL pass rushers. McGlinchey provides more of a safe pick. It is doubtful he will be making Pro Bowls, but you can rely on him to go out there and fill his position on the line well enough that you aren’t worried about him. He isn’t a sexy pick, but he is the kind of pick the Bengals may need after Cedric Ogbuehi crashed and burned.

Tremaine Edmunds, OLB, Virginia Tech

Edmunds has been rising up draft boards. He is a bigger linebacker who possesses the speed and a agility of a smaller one. The athleticism is something the Bengals desperately need at the linebacker position. He is also a very young player and will be under 20 when he is drafted (turns 20 in May). That means he has the chance to be molded by this coaching staff. Plus, Mike Brown shouldn’t be hesitant to give him a second contract because he won’t even be 25 by the time his rookie deal is up.