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What is the best Super Bowl meal?

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What tasty morsels make for a great Super Bowl party?

Anthony Munoz tastes a slice of pizza photo by Tim Chapman

A good Super Bowl party could be decided on how good of a food selection there is.

When it comes to the biggest game of the year, having the best lineup of grub can often make or break the party. Having a good meal can make any party an enjoyable one, but what are the best meal options for such an occasion?

Some people like to go with a wide range of appetizers to satisfy hunger for four quarters. Nachos, onion rings, guacamole, fries, chips and salsa can keep a party going.

Bigger stomachs may need bigger options, like pizza, ribs, chicken wings, burgers, chilli, quesadillas and tacos to satisfy hunger.

And you can’t forget the desserts. Every party needs to be topped off with some taste-bud shooting sweets, whether it’s cookies, cupcakes, brownies or just good old-fashioned candy can be the perfect way to cap off a memorable Sunday.

What is your favorite Super Bowl snack and/or meal? If you have a cool recipe to share, do it in the comments!