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NFL Thursday Night Football moving to FOX, per report

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Thursday Night Football will have a new network for the 2018 NFL season.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like NFL Thursday Night Football will move to a new network in 2018.

According to Bloomberg, FOX will be getting TNF next season after outbidding CBS and NBC for the right to cover pre-weekend football. The report does add that the deal “hasn’t been finalized and could still fall apart.”

CBS and NBC paid a combined $450 million to air 10 TNF games last year, and FOX reportedly outbid both of them for 2018.

It’s unclear what this means for online streaming. Amazon paid $50 million to carry the games in 2017, and Twitter had the streaming rights in 2016.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been regulars on TNF recently. That includes a loss to the Houston Texans in 2017, a win over the Miami Dolphins in 2016, a win over the Cleveland Browns in 2015, a loss to the Browns in 2014, a loss to the Dolphins in 2013 and a win over the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012.

The NFL tries to give every NFL team a chance to have a Thursday game, so expect the Bengals to have another one next season.