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Bengals’ Reddit page has 4,000 upvotes to change into a Bengal tiger page

Bengals fans are dealing with their frustration with the teams in different ways. On Reddit they are trying to change the subject of their page.

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals and Mike Brown may have broken the last straw with a lot of their fans. After 15 seasons under Marvin Lewis without a postseason victory and two straight losing seasons, the Bengals have extended their head coach with a new two year contract.

There is a good portion of the fan base that took this news very poorly, but I’m not sure how else you are supposed to take news like that. It is almost hard to make sense of the news given it almost has no rational reason.

Bengals fans on Reddit, however seem to be having some fun with the news. They have started a petition to change their page into a page about literal Bengal tigers and cats.

And it’s working with more than 4,800 people upvoting the petition, an INSANE number for a page like the Bengals Reddit page.

At first, you might find this to be a silly reaction, but did you know that Bengal tigers can ingest up to 40 kilograms of food on a single occasion? That is 88.1849 pounds. I bet Lewis can’t eat more than 10 pounds at any given time. How lame.

Did you also know that Bengal tigers are actually adept swimmers despite what most people think. Most people think Lewis is a bad coach, and he actually is. So far, it seems like literal Bengal tigers have a commanding 2-0 lead over the lame duck coach.

However, the tiger's roar can be heard up to two kilometers at night, which is 1.24 miles. The outrage of Lewis being re-signed for two more years could be heard all the way in Lexington from Cincinnati, which is roughly 80 miles away. We have to give it to Lewis there. He and the Cincinnati Bengals know how to make some noise.

In all seriousness, it is completely understandable to have this reaction as fans. It feels like we have had the team turn its back on us, and I know fans don’t run the team. However, there has never been a more obvious time for change in Lewis’ 15 years as the Bengals head coach. No one is trying to say He hasn’t done anything good for this franchise, but we were just sentenced to two more years of mediocrity.

A lot of people defending the decision keep saying how much worse it could be. I understand that, but this is the NFL and everything can get worse. On the flip side, things could get better. Things could get so much better than 0 playoff wins in seven trips over 15 years. It could get better than having a coach who refuses to play young talented players.

If the goal for your team as a fan is to just be better than the Browns, then let me just say it may be time to raise your bar just a little bit. It is true things can get worse, but have you really enjoyed watching the Bengals the past two seasons?

I don’t blame fans for getting more excited about Bengal tigers than the Cincinnati Bengals.