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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Reelin’ in the years

Cincinnati decided to stay with the devil they know, as Marvin Lewis is returning to the Bengals for the next two seasons. What does all of this mean for the team going forward? Is Lewis the guy to ever lead the Bengals to a championship?

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Since January 9th, 2016, frustration levels with the Bengals have been at all-time highs. This is saying something given the 12-year span from 1991-2002, but unfulfilled potential coupled with little change at major personnel positions this offseason has led to a boiling point.

Unfortunately, with what has transpired the past couple of days and what is still ahead, there are more questions than answers. We attempted to answer the following ones this week:

  • Did the final two wins, in which the Bengals eliminated playoff contenders, play a role into Mike Brown bringing back Marvin Lewis?
  • Was Marvin Lewis getting extended the plan the whole time?
  • The Bengals are keeping a good portion of their assistants, but two high-profile ones are leaving. Are they better off as a team because of it? Who might be their replacements?
  • Does the retaining of Lewis and Bill Lazor mean that Andy Dalton is the continuing long-term answer at quarterback? If not, might the Bengals look for another star in this year’s deep draft class?
  • What should be the plan with Tyler Eifert this offseason?

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