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CincyJungle 2017 fantasy football results

How did the Cincy Jungle contributors do in their annual fantasy football league?

Los Angeles Rams v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Way back in August, a group of people got together and decided to embark on a quest for fantasy football greatness and Cincy Jungle bragging rights. In all, 14 of us set up our teams and entered the draft room, taking the first step in our journey.

Every team had their own draft strategies and own ideas of who was worth drafting and who was better left alone. I was able to follow my own tried and true strategy, while others pursued players who best fit into their plans. Thirteen weeks later we got to see how our drafts and weekly add/drops played out.

At the conclusion of our 13 week regular season, Rebecca dominated the league with the most point scored, 1880, and the best record, tied 11-2 with Lee. A.J. Green, Carson Wentz, and Leonard Fournette helped power her team to that regular season success.

  • Rebecca 11-2 ... 1880
  • Lee 11-2 ... 1660
  • Jason 10-3 ... 1580
  • Scott 8-5 ... 1720
  • Mason 8-5 ... 1550
  • Patrick 7-6 ... 1450
  • Braden 6-7 ... 1500
  • Jim 6-7 ... 1210
  • Alberto 5-8 ... 1410
  • John 5-8 ... 1370
  • Andrew 5-8 ... 1280
  • Connor 4-9 ... 1300
  • Joseph 3-10 ... 1250
  • Nick 2-11 ... 1250

In the first round three of the top four seeds used their home field advantage and were able to advance to the second round, except for second seeded Lee, who had his lowest scoring game since Week 7. Last year’s winner, Patrick, took an early exit in the first round’s most lopsided game, almost getting doubled up by Jason.

#1 Rebecca 160 - #8 Jim 139

#4 Scott 136 - #5 Mason 84

#3 Jason 160 - #6 Patrick 90

#7 Braden 158 - #2 Lee 110

In the second round Scott avenged a Week 13 loss to Rebecca with a resounding victory thanks to his highest scoring output of the season. Jason’s three highest scoring games all season came in the playoffs, and one of those ended Braden’s upset bid in the second round.

#4 Scott 184 - #1 Rebecca 115

#3 Jason 161 - #7 Braden 112

In the championship game Jason had a well rounded attack with eight of his nine players all scoring double digits. Dion Lewis, Cam Newton, and the Vikings defense all brought him 20+ points. Scott’s team was carried by a top-heavy duo of Rams as both Todd Gurley and Jared Goff scored over 40 points each for him. Kareem Hunt brought him double digits, as did his kicker and defense. Ultimately it was a good, high scoring contest with Scott taking the league’s title for the 3rd time in seven seasons.

#4 Scott 165 - #3 Jason 153

Interestingly, the title game was a rematch of last season’s 3rd place game, which Scott also won in a high scoring shootout.

It as a fun year and next year should be equally challenging as Jason looks to avenge the playoff losses to Scott, Patrick looks to recapture his 2016 title, and Scott looks for a 4th championship.