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Bengals Bytes (1/6): Plenty of vacancies left to fill

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The Bengals said they wanted to fill their coaching staff as quickly as possible, but after two coaches have moved on from the team, there are still plenty of opening left.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bills wing delivery Children's Autism High School
When the Cincinnati Bengals clinched the Buffalo Bills' first playoff appearance in 18 years this season, the AFC East franchise was so thankful it decided to deliver Buffalo wings to Cincinnati. So, the Bengals decided to pay the gesture forward and will deliver the wings to Autism Services at The Children's Home of Cincinnati later today.

5 things the Cincinnati Bengals need to improve to make playoffs
Only once in Marvin Lewis’ tenure as Cincinnati Bengals head coach has the team failed to make the playoffs in three consecutive years, doing so from 2006-08. But unless there are some major improvements in a number of key areas, the Bengals could be facing another trifecta of terrible in 2018 after falling short of the postseason in 2016 and 2017.

Considering Unpopular Bengals Coaching Decisions
That’s the Bengals Ticket Hotline, provided today so that dear readers of this column will not miss out on the upcoming and great 2018 season. The “8383” numbers correspond to “TDTD” on your keypad, and you figure to score big for football entertainment, especially if you can snag some of the great seats that others — regrettably lacking a proper sense of history — will be abandoning. No, I’m not working for the team any more. (I retired.) And no, I’m not out of my mind. Really, I’m not even all that serious.

What Marvin Lewis 16.0 needs to do for Bengals fans
If it hasn’t sunk in yet, it never will. But, there comes a moment when all you can do is accept the facts and make a decision. Either you remain a diehard fan of the Cincinnati Bengals or you bid them farewell. Since Marvin Lewis will be around for at least another two years, it’s time to look at what he needs to do for the Cincinnati fan base.

Buffalo Bills send 'thank you' chicken wings to Bengals
The Cincinnati Bengals continue to reap the rewards of an overwhelmingly thankful Buffalo Bills fan base. Following Andy Dalton's touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd on Sunday, which sent Buffalo to the playoffs for the first time in 17 seasons, the Bills promised to send the Bengals chicken wings as a thank you. The food it on its way

Urban's departure has Bengals seeking WR and QB coach as makeover continues
For the second time in 10 years this week the Bengals saw their successful wide receivers coach become the quarterbacks coach of the division rival Ravens when James Urban left for Baltimore. Now the Bengals are not only in the market for an offensive line coach, but also a quarterbacks and receivers coach as head coach Marvin Lewis and offensive coordinator Bill Lazor re-make a staff in the wake of the offense’s dead-last finish in the NFL.

They are expected to interview candidates both inside and outside the club.

Cincinnati Bengals' bad offense, bad start had impact on prediction
I said the Bengals offense could be "explosive" with the additions of John Ross and Joe Mixon, although the offensive line was still a concern. I got one of those things right. The Bengals offense ended the season ranked 32nd, and it was a reason they lost their first two games. Those two games, in which I predicted victories over the Ravens and Texans, made all the difference.

How the Andy Dalton donations show 'Bills Mafia' about more than tailgating
Think you know "Bills Mafia?" Think again. To most, the term has become synonymous with the tailgating antics by pockets of Buffalo Bills fans. From jumping through folding tables to drinking games, the increasingly daring acts of Bills Mafia have become viral videos before almost every home game at New Era Field.

AFC North Bytes

Browns to interview Texans QB coach Sean Ryan for offensive coordinator role
The Cleveland Browns will interview Houston Texans quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan for the vacant offensive coordinator position. The Texans granted Cleveland permission to interview the 45-year-old Ryan, one of the hotter names on the assistant coaching circuit.

Todd Haley Reportedly 'Shattered' Pelvis in New Year's Eve Bar Altercation
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley is reportedly recovering from a pelvis injury he suffered during a bar incident on New Year's Eve. A team source told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Haley has "a 'shattered' pelvis and a badly bruised left side." Haley was shoved during an altercation outside of a bar in the North Shore and was in the hospital for two days.

Random Bytes

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft Respond to ESPN Report on Discord
Wickersham reported a rift is growing between the trio, with Brady's trainer, Alex Guerrero, a lightning rod for the division. In one instance, Wickersham wrote some Patriots players felt pressured to train and rehab injuries with Guerrero rather than work with the Patriots' training staff, and they risked irking either Belichick or Brady depending on their decision.

NFL's 2018 Coaching Carousel Slow to Get in Motion for Risk-Averse NFL
In Tampa Bay, ownership was torn. They wanted Jon Gruden, but the price was high—very high. How much money did he want? "All of it," joked one league source. Tampa Bay determined the only way to get Gruden was to back up a cargo truck, fill it was cash, add final say on personnel matters, and maybe some bananas, and Gruden would have been set.

Jon Gruden Reportedly to Be Named Raiders HC on 10-Year, $100 Million Contract
Jon Gruden is back in the NFL. Steve Corkran of Raiders Snake Pit reported that Gruden will be the team's next head coach, taking over for the recently fired Jack Del Rio, and that the announcement would be made at a press conference on Tuesday. It will be Gruden's second tenure as head coach of the Raiders.