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Chad Johnson working with Steelers WR Antonio Brown during NFL playoffs

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Former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson has been known to work with some of the top receivers in the NFL, and he didn’t pass up an opportunity to work with Antonio Brown who has been rehabbing a calf injury.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Tennessee Titans - October 16, 2005 Photo by Joe Murphy/NFLPhotoLibrary

The Steelers will be playing the Jaguars next week, and you may be wondering what that has to do with the Bengals. Well one of the best receivers in Bengals history took out some of his own time to help rehab and train Antonio Brown. The two have been known to workout together most seasons, but Chad Johnson provides an update into Brown’s status and look at how healthy the receiver really is. Johnson appears to have not lost a step or a word since leaving the NFL as he shows off how good Brown looks running routes. He also threw in the video of him breaking up a pass against Brown.

Johnson talks about how Brown is injury free, which would be huge for the Steelers and their title hopes. It has been a long time since Rothlisberger, Brown and Le’Veon Bell have all been healthy during the playoffs. It would undoubtedly make a potential matchup against the Patriots far more interesting.

Johnson also calls out Jalen Ramsey and Marcus Peters telling them how hard it will be to cover Brown next week. We now know it will be Ramsey who the Bengals really aren’t to fond of currently either.

Still, I feel like if we played a game of who do we hate more Brown would finish just above Ramsey. It is also worth noting that when the Steelers faced off against the Jaguars earlier this season that Brown caught 10 passes for 157 yards, but Ben Roethlisberger threw five interceptions as the Steelers lost 9-30.

It’s interesting to see Johnson show off more of the technical side of his training with Brown though in the next video he shared.

Johnson has always known how to entertain. He really mastered the art, but anyone who has really followed him through out his career knows that he takes his performance on the field just as seriously. He often tried to do just a little bit more to perfect his craft, and his feet in particular were one of his most prized accomplishments. As he says in his post “slow feet don’t eat.”

It may rub some fans the wrong way to see a former Bengals helping out the Steelers, but these players often drop that contempt when they take off the jerseys. Dre Kirkpatrick and Brown actually work out quite a bit together in the offseason.

Mike Mitchell took part in Carlos Dunlap’s anti-bullying campaign this season when the Bengals’ visited the Steelers. The NFL is more of a brotherhood at this point. With free agency creating opportunities for players to potentially play for whoever they want, it is hard to harbor that hate for another team, especially after they’ve retired like Johnson has.

This is Johnson’s first attempt to aid another AFC North team. He had a brief stint as a coaching intern with Hue Jackson in Cleveland. He left after two days to go see his daughter though. This could be him indicating he would like another shot as a coach, but personally I think this more personalized setting fits him better. Plus he has a chance to make it entertaining by posting updates like these.