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Patrick Mahomes’ ability to create will test the limits of Cincinnati’s defense

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Mahomes has an incredible ability to use his legs to make plays with his arm.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a talented player who can make plays in the vertical passing game and on RPOs, but it is his ability to create that sets him apart. Mahomes can use his legs to extend plays and when he gets out of the pocket he does an incredible job throwing the ball from unconventional body positions.

Mahomes drops back on this red-zone play. Not finding an open man, he ducks inside the edge defender to his left, they b-lines towards the pylon. Broncos safety Darian Stewart is not match for Mahomes’ speed and the young quarterback scores with ease.

Here, Mahomes again ducks inside the pass rush and takes off to the left. This time, he keeps his eyes down field and is able to find his tight end Travis Kelce on the other side of the field for a first down. This is an incredible play by Mahomes, making a big-time pass when the play had seemingly broken down.

One of the greatest quarterbacks and creators of all time was Steve Young. Young was a gritty player, who always found a way to get things done even in unconventional ways. Young was also a lefty, and I mention that because Mahomes is not, but he managed to keep this play a live by throwing a pass left-handed to wide receiver Tyreek Hill for the first down.

It is insane how Mahomes keeps this play alive. First, it looks bad as Mahomes is forced to turn and attempt to scramble to the right side because defensive end Arik Armstead is pressuring him from the right side. Then it gets worse, as Cassius Marsh appears forcing Mahomes to reverse course and roll all the way back to the 24 yard line (20 yards behind the line of scrimmage).

But Mahomes has a way of figuring things out, and he does just that as he finds wide receiver Chris Conley in the back of the endzone.

Mahomes has an incredible ability to extend plays with his feet. His athletic ability means that the pass rush must keep outside contain at all times. This could be tough on defensive end Carl Lawson who loves the inside move.

Even if a team does contain him, as the clips above showed, he often sneaks out of the pocket inside of the edge rusher. Rushing every gap could solve that problem, but then every Chiefs receiver, tight end, and running back would be man coverage, and the Bengals would not have any help over the top.

A defense could look to spy him, but that is likely occupying a linebacker who should be helping with Kelce. Mahomes’ ability to create makes a scary Chiefs’ offense even more fearsome.