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Bengals vs. Chiefs: Madden simulation predicts a lower-scoring game than we are

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We simulated the Bengals vs. Chiefs matchup in Madden to try to predict the winner of Sunday night’s primetime game.

Bengals vs Chiefs Madden highlights

The Bengals have a tough Sunday night game against the current kings of the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs. Considering the team’s past struggles when playing on Sunday Night Football, it would be huge for the Bengals’ record and momentum if they could secure a . win in Kansas City. But it will not come easily.

Now let’s take a look at the Bengals vs. Chiefs Madden simulation to see how the video game predicts this football game will play out.

The Bengals start with the ball and quickly go three-and-out. The Chiefs receive the punt and get a good drive going, but when they cross the 50, the drive begins to stall. The Bengals get the third down sack pushing them out of field goal range and forcing them to punt. The Chiefs get a lucky bounce on the punt and down it at the one-yard line. After a short run on first down, the Chiefs knife into the backfield and are able to bring down Joe Mixon in the endzone for the safety.

Joe Mixon tackled for a safety

2-0, Chiefs.

The Chiefs get the ball back, but their drive ends up stalling early on and the Bengals get the ball back. The Bengals are driving down the field and get inside the 10-yard line. On third-and-four Andy Dalton hits A.J. Green on a slant for a touchdown.

A.J. Green touchdown

7-2, Bengals.

After this, the Chiefs get the ball and their drive quickly stalls out, forcing them to punt. The Bengals do the same and the Chiefs get the ball back with two minutes left.

You know where this is going... Just like real life. The Chiefs get down the field and with 20 seconds left from the 28 yard line, Patrick Mahomes hits Chris Conley who runs it in for a score.

Chris Conley receiving touchdown before half

The Chiefs get the ball to start the half and easily start driving down the field. After they get in the red zone, the Chiefs score on the next play on another pass to Conley. The Chiefs take a 16-7 lead.

Chris Conley diving touchdown

The Bengals get the ball and get a good drive going, but are unable to convert a third down past midfield and are forced to punt. The Chiefs receive the ball and get a good drive going, eventually getting inside the red zone. On third-and-four from the 13-yard line, Mahomes hits Sammy Watkins for the touchdown; after going for two, the Chiefs take a 24-7 lead.

Sammy Watkins touchdown

The Bengals get several more chances to score, getting in the red zone twice more, but fail to convert on fourth down both times. Silly Madden, the Bengals would have kicked a field goal... Or punted.

After the Chiefs get the ball back with a little over two minutes left they simply start running the ball and let the clock wind down. Time runs out and the Bengals lose, 24-7.

Final score

Bengals 2018 Madden prediction record: 2-4

Final score and stats