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Bengals LS Clark Harris’ son is the must-see entertainment you need

Clark Harris almost didn’t play while recovering from a concussion, but he was part of the Bengals’ Week 8 win and his son celebrated so perfectly.

After scoring his touchdowns, Bengals running back Joe Mixon busted out some impressive dance moves, but you know whose dance moves are better?

Bengals long snapper Clark Harris’ son, Trent.

You may remember Trent from when he went viral after singing the National Anthem at a baseball game in 2015. Now he’s back with some can’t-miss dance moves that are sure to bring a smile to any Bengals fans’ face. Unless you’re the grinch or something.

Also in the video is Andy Dalton’s son Noah, who is standing next to Trent and has some dance moves of his own.

Today’s Bengals win was a bit difficult to watch, but this is a perfect video to see after the game.

Thank you, Trent for your Fortnite dance moves after the Bengals scored a touchdown.