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Cowboys fire former Bengals assistant Paul Alexander

The Cowboys’ offensive linemen clearly haven’t passed the ketchup bottle test.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking news: Paul Alexander still stinks at his job.

That’s been painfully evident during his brief stint as the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line coach, and now, it’s over before he even finishes his first year.

On Monday, the Cowboys fired Alexander, a somewhat surprising move given they just hired him this offseason. Perhaps they finally realized what the Bengals learned the hard way: He’s not very good at job.

That was clear as the Bengals’ offensive line regressed into one of the worst units in football from 2016-17, leading to his departure this past offseason. The Bengals actually hired former Cowboys offensive line coach Frank Pollack, so both teams ultimately swapped offensive line coaches.

The Bengals have been the winner, as Pollack has taken a makeshift line and made it serviable for an offense that ranks 10th in points per game. It’s by no means been great, but it’s been an upgrade over what Alexander put out there last year.

But hey, maybe Dallas’ lineman didn’t pass the ketchup bottle test.