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Bengals named top bandwagon to hop on after 3-1 start

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The Bengals are finally getting some respect from the national media. Now, they’ve been named among the top bandwagons to join for possibly the first time ever.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

After spending a whole offseason dogging the Bengals, the national media has finally seen the light. writer Adam Schein, who typically never has anything good to say about the Bengals, named nine teams that are emerging bandwagons. The Bengals’ high flying offense has been impressive so far, and Schein can’t get enough, even without Tyler Eifert. Geno Atkins and the defensive line are another reason why Schein lists Cincinnati as one of the top teams to start following this season.

Here’s what he says:

The Bengals (3-1) are for real, folks. The offense is sensational. The defensive line is stout. But what happened Sunday in Atlanta tells you a lot about the fabric and character of this roster.

After watching the classy and popular Tyler Eifert suffer a gruesome, season-ending injury, the Bengals didn’t roll over. They were on the road against Matt Ryan, who was having a fabulous day. Yet Cincinnati, fresh off a Week 3 loss in Carolina, showed gumption and skill coming back to beat the Falcons in a 37-36 thriller.

When Andy Dalton hit A.J. Green with a perfectly placed ball to score the winning touchdown with just six ticks left, something became clear: These are not your older brother’s Bengals. This is a different Cincy team, one that can absolutely win the AFC North.

He’s not wrong. After watching the national media look down on the Bengals the entire offseason—with many predicting the Bengals to finish in last place in the AFC North—Schein is among the first of hopefully many to come around.

It’s still very early in the season, which makes this the perfect time to abandon your lowly one-win squad and pick up some orange and black garb. Most Cincinnati fans would probably agree there is always room for one more on the Bengals’ bandwagon.

After all, if the Bengals are good enough for Beyoncé, they’re good enough for you too.