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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Here, fishy fishy

Cincinnati is 3-1, thanks to a thrilling win against the Falcons. But, will the team overlook a scrappy Miami Dolphins team with the Pittsburgh Steelers on the horizon? Brian Catanzaro from OnTheFinSide joins us to preview Week 5.

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Cincinnati is atop the AFC North and many of their injured players are getting healthier. Even though the Steelers are on the horizon in Week 6, but this Sunday poses a quiet threat in the three-win Miami Dolphins.

Brian Catanzaro of the OnTheFinSide podcast joined us to give us some insight on the upcoming Week 5 matchup between the Bengals and the Dolphins. It’s a clash of two surprising 3-1 teams that has some major implications for both teams’ respective division races.

Here are the topics on the table for this week’s Orange and Black Insider :

  • Ryan Tannehill is 10-2 in his last 12 starts. However, that statistic spans over two years with so many injuries and he lost the last matchup to Cincinnati. What should we expect from him in Week 5?
  • Miami has engaged in a fire sale of sorts over the past year, shedding many stars from their roster. Even so, they’re 3-1—what’s their secret?
  • Who’s a bigger threat in the Dolphins’ rushing attack: Frank Gore, or Kenyan Drake?
  • Who are some unknown stars on Miami’s roster that Bengals fans may not be familiar with going into this week?
  • Should we be more impressed by the Bengals’ resiliency this year, or be more disappointed in the defense?

Plus, a handful of great listener questions. Download the show today!

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