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Player, coach, media and fan reactions to the Bengals’ pathetic 52-14 loss to the Saints

The Bengals defense is a joke but what is going on with the offense? How do you look so solid to start a game and then crumble so quickly?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals were put to shame on their home turf when coming out of their bye week.

You’ve heard that before, right?

It’s because it’s pretty common for the Bengals to perform miserably after their bye week. On Sunday, they did just that against the Saints as Drew Brees made scoring look easy against a defeated Cincinnati defense.

The Bengals are now 5-4, which sounds better than it is. The Bengals have proven there is no reason to believe in this team. I’ll keep watching, I’ll keep cheering them on. But my expectations are gone for the rest of the season.

The offense disappears for long stretches while the defense is non-existent. The Saints had 74 offensive plays and 33 total first downs. The Bengals had a pathetic 43 offensive plays and 13 total first downs. The Saints had nearly DOUBLE the time of possession as the Bengals: 39:46 to 20:14. The Saints had 509 yards of total offense. The Bengals had 284. Joe Mixon ran the ball just 11 times for 64 yards. Tyler Boyd had just 65 yards through the air. Andy Dalton threw more interceptions (2) than touchdowns (1). The Bengals defense had zero sacks, zero interceptions, and zero fumbles. No matter which way you slice it, the Bengals played incredibly poorly against the Saints.

Here’s a roundup of reactions to the Bengals’ loss to the Saints, which includes thoughts from head coach Marvin Lewis, Dalton, Boyd, Shawn Williams, the media and fans.

Media reactions

Marvin Lewis’ reactions

Player reactions

Cincy Jungle reactions

Fan reactions

But will anyone be fired?

I’m not holding my breath. How about you?