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Stephen A. Smith is wondering what we all are. How many Bengals coaches need to be fired before Marvin Lewis?

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We don’t often agree with hot take machine Stephen A. Smith, but this is a fair point.

Marvin Lewis is at a point right now, he should be working for free,” Stephen A. Smith said of Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis after the team was embarrassed by the Saints on Sunday and as a result, fired defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.

Smith is a noted Lewis hater (like many Bengals fans) and we don’t often agree with him. But the Bengals fired former offensive coordinator Ken Zampese after two games last year.

Then Paul Alexander and Paul Guenther were among the big names out the door this past offseason.

And now with Austin axed as well, Smith is wondering how many more coaches will take the blame for the Bengals’ failures before Lewis does exactly that.

“This is disgusting, it really, really is,” Smith said of the Bengals firing Austin. “Who’s the head coach? Once again. How many coaches have to go before this ownership for the Cincinnati Bengals, it’s pathetic as they get, continuously finds an excuse to keep Marvin Lewis, while you let go of everybody else. 15 years, and counting.”

It’s actually 15.5 years, going on 16, Smith. But it’s a fair point.

Smith says the citizens of Cincinnati deserve better. Do you agree?