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Marcus Lewis, son of Marvin Lewis, stepped down as Bengals’ season began, per report

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Well, this is something.

It’s been a rollercoaster season for the Bengals, but it’s one Marcus Lewis has not been part of.

The son of the head coach Marvin Lewis apparently stepped down before the season began, according to Bengals radio man Dave Lapham (via The Lance McAlister Show):

Marcus Lewis was originally hired back in 2014 as a defensive assistant. He has been on the staff ever since, and he was set to be an assistant linebackers coach in 2018. Apparently, something happened along the way that led to him stepping down.

Maybe he didn’t want to work for his dad or work around his dad.

Lewis worked in 2013 as an assistant to the University of Cincinnati coaching staff. He had duties with the defensive line and scout teams, and he also worked in the team’s self-scouting, film breakdown and practice organization. He was expected to work in similar capacities with the Bengals.

Lewis played high school football in Greater Cincinnati, at Indian Hill, and went on to play LB for four seasons (2008-11) at Indiana State, seeing action in 33 career games.

What’s most interesting is that none of the local media noticed that the younger Lewis hasn’t been on the coaching staff in weeks.