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Reactions to the Bengals’ reunion with Hue Jackson as special assistant to the head coach

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Hue Jackson and Marvin Lewis are together again. And ... the reactions are mixed.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Justin Aller /Getty Images

Hue Jackson is back with the Bengals!

The Bengals’ former offensive coordinator turned Browns head coach was fired in Cleveland in October. After a brief stint on the unemployment list, Jackson was offered a role in Cincinnati where he’ll be re-joining the Bengals’ coaching staff. His role is going to be Special Assistant to the Head Coach, the Bengals announced on Tuesday.

“Jackson’s role is apparently going to focus on helping (Marvin) Lewis assimilate his head-coaching duties with managing and calling the defense,” per Geoff Hobson.

As you could expect, the reactions are mixed.

Jackson was an effective offensive coordinator in Cincinnati but he was a miserable head coach in Cleveland. Prior to leaving the Bengals, Jackson was offered a “head coach in waiting” type role for when Marvin Lewis steps down (in theory) from the Bengals’ head coaching job. But, Jackson turned that down to take on an immediate opportunity in Cleveland. Now, he’s back in Cincinnati after failing with the Browns and the man who many thought would be the new “head coach in waiting” was fired on Monday when the Bengals parted ways with defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.

Lewis plans to take on the defensive coordinator responsibilities, but now he’ll have some help from his good friend, Jackson.

My take: I like Jackson re-joining the staff as long as it only includes him being an assistant. I do not like Jackson re-joining the staff if it means he’s the first in line to become head coach if Lewis ever is fired or steps down. A big part of the reason I believe Lewis wasn’t fired last year was because Bengals owner Mike Brown had no one he trusted (ie: a former assistant coach/coordinator) to name head coach. People who would’ve fallen into that category would be: Jackson, Mike Zimmer, Jay Gruden, or Vance Joseph, for example.

With Jackson back in the fold, it becomes a scary possibility that he could one day (relatively soon) become the Bengals head coach. I do not want a day to come where Jackson is named head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals.

But, what do you all think?

For starters, Browns fans seem happy about this move as they are not fans of Jackson.

Here’s what those in the Cincinnati community have to say about the move:

Here are some national media responses:

What do you think?


What do you think of the Bengals’ decision to add Hue Jackson to the coaching staff?

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