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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Hues of familiarity

The crew digs in to analyze the Teryl Austin firing, Marvin Lewis’ takeover of the defense, the hiring of Hue Jackson and the rematch against the Ravens.

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After the Cincinnati Bengals were once again embarrassed by another one of the NFL’s elite teams, they went to work in an effort to re-focus on the postseason. What transpired over the subsequent two days were a lot of polarizing news.

Teryl Austin was out as the defensive coordinator with Marvin Lewis becoming an unlikely de facto play-caller on that side of the ball. Feeling as if he needed another set of eyes on the sidelines with Austin’s departure, Lewis hired his old friend, Hue Jackson.

To say that there was a ton on tap this week would be an understatement. Here are some of the topics John Sheeran and Anthony Cosenza discussed on the most recent episode of OBI:

  • Was the firing of Teryl Austin necessary and was he the root of all of the problems on defense?
  • What level of improvement on that side of the ball should we expect with Lewis taking over the major coordinating duties?
  • Does Jackson have the ability to truly help the Bengals in an ambiguous role?
  • With all of the attempted fixes applied to the defense, is the microscope on Bill Lazor going forward?
  • Is Lamar Jackson poised to give the Bengals fits on Sunday?
  • Between the staffing changes and players coming in and out of the lineup with injuries, does Cincinnati have enough to get a much-needed win against the Ravens?

These, plus a handful of great listener questions! Our thanks to all of those who tuned in live and submitted questions. Join us every episode here at Cincy Jungle and on our YouTube channel!

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