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Bengals at Ravens: Madden predicts a break out game for John Ross

We simulated the Bengals vs. Ravens game in Madden to try and predict the outcome of Sunday’s game.

The Bengals had an extremely tough loss against the Saints last week and look to rebound against the Ravens in Week 11. The Bengals are very much still in play to make the playoffs and a win against the Ravens would be a big step toward making that happen. Although it looks like the Bengals will be without A.J. Green again on Sunday, they are still very much in contention in this game.

The Ravens aren’t even sure who their starting quarterback will be. Will it be Joe Flacco, who’s dealing with a hip injury? Rookie Lamar Jackson, who missed practice on Thursday with an illness? Or Robert Griffin III, who hasn’t started a game since 2016 with the Browns?

Now, let’s take a look at the Bengals vs. Ravens Madden simulation to get a preview of how the real life version of this game will play out.

The Bengals start with the ball and are easily driving down the field and get to first and goal. On second down, Andy Dalton hits Giovani Bernard out of the backfield and he is able to run in for the touchdown.

Giovani Bernard touchdown

7-0, Bengals

After the first touchdown, both teams struggle to get a drive going, but the Bengals get the ball back with two minutes left in the first with a short field after a botched punt. The Bengals don’t make much progress down the field, but thanks to good field position still get a field goal out of it.

Bengals field goal

10-0, Bengals

After the field goal, the Ravens get the ball and are only able to get one first down before having to punt the ball to the Bengals. The Bengals receive the ball and on first down try a deep pass to John Ross who is able to catch the pass in traffic and take it in for a touchdown.

John Ross touchdown

17-0, Bengals

The Ravens get the ball back and get a long drive going, able to run all over the Bengals. When they get close to the redzone, the Bengals are able to stop them on third and short, forcing them to settle for a field goal.

Ravens first field goal

17-3, Bengals

The Bengals get the ball back after the field goal, but aren’t able to pass mid-field and have to punt. As is the usual for the Bengals, now they start allowing the Ravens to drive before halftime. The Bengals do eventually stop the Ravens, but not before they get into field goal range. With time expiring the Bengals once again give up points just before the half as Justin Tucker makes the field goal.

Ravens second field goal

17-6, Bengals

The Ravens receive the ball after halftime, but aren’t able to get much of a drive going, forcing them to punt to the Bengals who also can’t get much of a drive going. The Ravens receive the Bengals’ punt and after getting a first down, on first-and-10 hit Michael Crabtree who is able to outrun the Bengals defense for the Ravens’ first touchdown. After the touchdown, the Ravens go for two and Crabtree is wide open for the two point conversion.

Michael Crabtree touchdown

17-14, Bengals

After that, the Bengals go three and out, giving the Ravens the ball right back. The Ravens easily drive down the field, but end up having to settle for the field goal to tie up the game.

Ravens tying field goal


Neither team is able to score for the remainder of the fourth quarter, sending the game into overtime. The Ravens drive down the field, but despite the Bengals defense getting to third down several times, the Ravens are able to score on third and goal. The Ravens get the win with an overtime touchdown.

Ravens winning touchdown

23-17, Ravens

2018 Madden prediction record accuracy: 4-5

Final score and stats

The Madden simulation was a bit too realistic for our liking with the Bengals failing to score in the second half and allowing the Ravens to climb back into the game. Hopefully the Bengals get a win — without overtime — and hopefully they score second half points in Baltimore on Sunday.