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Tyler Eifert offers update on injured ankle after getting off his cast

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Eifert is in good spirits six weeks after his ankle surgery.

Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert is six weeks removed from the devastating ankle injury he suffered in the Bengals’ Week 4 win in Atlanta against the Falcons.

Eifert shared a gruesome photo of his ankle following the surgery, on October 12. And now he’s back with another update on his recovery.

“I’m at the six week mark, just got my cast off,” Eifert said in a message to fans posted on his Instagram page. “I got a little noodle leg there, but the body works in crazy ways, so I’ll get that back. There wasn’t a whole lot to report on for the first six weeks. Just had that cast on. I’m getting ready to get my range of motion back and build up the muscle back in that leg.”

Eifert also thanked Bengals fans for their support and prayers. Eifert is unfortunately one of many Bengals tight ends to suffer season-ending injuries this season. Tyler Kroft was just placed on IR on Friday with a foot injury suffered in Week 5 against the Dolphins. Cethan Carter is on IR already due to a preseason injury and Mason Schreck recently went on IR with a torn ACL.

The Bengals are decimated at the position and are down to C.J. Uzomah, Jordan Franks, and Matt Lengel at tight end.

Kroft, Eifert, and Uzomah are all set to be free agents after this season. Here’s to speedy recoveries for all of the injured Bengals!