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NFL Week 11: Bengals vs. Ravens

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The Bengals and Ravens clash in Baltimore.

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Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens are facing off today with playoff hopes at stake today.

Both teams are fighting for a spot in the playoffs, though it will likely come by way of a Wild Card spot unless they can win out and rally past the Pittsburgh Steelers for an AFC North crown.

At 5-4, the Bengals need this win to stay above .500 and in control of one of the two Wild Card spots. The Ravens, however, are in much worse shape at 4-5 and needing a win today just to keep their slim postseason hopes alive.

All of this should make for a highly competitive game today that takes all four quarters to decide. The Bengals actually won here last year to knock Baltimore out of the playoffs, so they have a chance to do so again this time around.

The game will be broadcast on CBS. You can watch it online using CBS All Access and fuboTV.

Now, let’s talk Bengals vs. Ravens.

Who Dey!