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Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict comments on Marshal Yanda spitting incident

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The subtweets have been fired.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

By now, most of you are aware of the latest drama involving Vontaze Burfict.

During last Sunday’s game against the Ravens, right guard Marshal Yanda pulled a Keith Hernandez on Cosmo Kramer Burfict, as video evidence shows that Yanda spit on Burfict when the linebacker was on the ground after a play.

Yanda has since predictably denied the damning evidence and the claim against him, and Burfict later brought his own input on the situation via Twitter:

In subtweet language, this translate to: “He spit at me, thanks for noticing.”

Of course, this is Burfict’s word against Yanda if those at the league office don’t find the video evidence incriminating, and Burfict doesn’t believe that the league office will intervene in the already subdued situation because of one minor detail:

He’s nothing if not self-aware.

The league office has billed Burfict hundreds of thousands of dollars in just the last two years for personal foul penalties, and most of the general fanbase in the NFL also perceives him as a dirty player after the whistle. Surely when something obscene happens against him, people would treat Yanda the same way?

Wrong. This is Twitter we’re talking about.

People hate Burfict, that’s fine. He’s earned most of that hatred. He also may have a point.

The NFL has clearly shown that the line for Burfict is very much different than everyone else. If he crosses his clearly defined line, he is the example that is made for everyone else. That’s the price he pays for his past.

So, would it be too surprising if the league decides to ignore this because Burfict was the victim this time? The perpetrator being a leader on one of the more popular and respected teams in the league doesn’t help his case either.

If you want fair and equal justice in the NFL, you’re going to be disappointed. Burfict seems to have adopted this reality as his own, and perhaps that has changed him for both better and for worse.

With a constant fear of getting fined or suspended, Burfict has steered clear of any damning hits and extra-curricular activities. But can an old dog learn new tricks? Can Burfict go on playing at a high level without having that leash attached to him in the back of his mind? It sure seems like he can’t, as he’s been dreadful to watch in the four games he’s played in this season.

Nevertheless, it was good on Burfict to not retaliate against Yanda, as that wouldn’t have helped his case in any way. We’ll see if his passive response does do him any favors.

For what it’s worth, Yanda continues to deny he did anything wrong, saying he was spitting on the ground and not on Burfict.

It’s a strong denial. Do you buy it, and will the NFL punish Yanda for it?


Will Marshal Yanda receive any form of discipline from the NFL for spitting on Burfict?

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