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Bengals’ playoff odds falling fast

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Can A.J. Green help save the Bengals’ playoff hopes?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals’ playoff hopes are fading, though they’re not out of it just yet.

Now sitting at 5-5, the Bengals are currently holding the No. 7 spot in the AFC playoff picture, narrowly trailing the Ravens at No. 6. With six games left to be played, Cincinnati can earn a playoff spot with a strong finish, but it’s far easier said than done with how they’re playing right now.

That’s why the latest playoff odds from Bovada are against the Bengals earning a postseason berth. Currently, they have +250 odds to make the playoffs.

For comparison, the 5-5 Ravens have +155 odds to make the playoffs.

The 5-5 Colts, who Cincinnati holds a head-to-head win over, have +240 odds to make the playoffs. Those are the same odds that the 5-5 Titans have.

The 5-5 Dolphins aren’t far behind at +350.

The 7-3 Chargers have the best playoff odds of the AFC’s non-division leaders, as they’re sitting at +500 entering Week 12. The Bengals actually have a road game vs. the Chargers in Week 14, a game that could dramatically affect the postseason outlook for both teams.

For what it’s worth, the 7-2-1 Steelers have a staggering -5000 odds of making the playoffs. It would take a colossal collapse for them not to be in the postseason.

While Cincinnati’s postseason outlook doesn’t look great, they’re going to be favored in at least three of their final six games when the Browns, Raiders and Broncos come to Paul Brown Stadium. The game in Cleveland looks like more of a toss-up for now.

Do you think the Bengals will make the playoffs?