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Bengals rookie Billy Price wants to ‘shut some haters up’ in the final 6 weeks

Billy Price has once again showed he has the ability to be a serious leader for this team for years to come. He also doesn’t think the Bengals season is over just yet.

Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Bengals are sitting at 5-5 after a disappointing loss to the Ravens, who have also just leapfrogged them in the AFC Wild Card race.

That record puts them in company with four other AFC teams who are all still a part of the playoff hunt. Cincinnati is still in contention to earn a postseason birth, but after dropping four of their last five games, most fans and analysts have simultaneously began to write them off.

And the Bengals first-round pick from this year’s draft class isn’t willing to let that happen.

One of the things the Bengals love about Billy Price is his unmistakable sense of leadership for such a young player. He was pretty much universally loved when he played at Ohio State, and it’s statements like these that really show why.

The Bengals are at a crossroads in the season where they can make a real run at the playoffs or just sit back and lag behind. We know that at least Price isn’t going to let the latter happen on his watch.

Despite how bad the Bengals have been these past few weeks, that could be forgotten if they go on a run and end the season strong.

Price himself returned in Week 10 against the Saints after he missed the previous seven games with a foot injury he suffered in Week 2 against the Ravens. Hopefully, his return to the lineup can help ignite a resurgence on the offense that helps the team achieve that late season run, but it’ll take a lot more than his play at center to make that happen.

At the very least, Price’s mentality shows the team is bringing in the right type of players who aren’t willing to just roll over when the going gets tough. With Andy Dalton and A.J. Green hitting their peaks soon, it is nice to know that the future of this team is in safe hands.