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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Thankful reflections

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Joshua Finney of SB Nation’s Dawgs by Nature joined OBI to preview Week 11, while the crew talks about the future of linebacker group, as well as what they’re thankful for with the 2018 Bengals.

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It’s a big week, as the first iteration of the 2018 “Battle of Ohio” is set to take place this Sunday. Both the Bengals and the Browns need a win—both for keeping their slim playoff hopes alive, as well as for feeling good about the future.

Joshua Finney of SB Nation’s Dawgs by Nature and the “This Believeland is your Land” podcast joined us on this week’s OBI episode to help preview Week 12. Obviously it’s an interesting time for the Browns, as they finally seem to be headed in the right direction.

Here’s what we talked about with Josh and in our own roundtable discussions:

  • What has been the impact of Baker Mayfield on the Browns since he took over as the starter?
  • What were the issues with Hue Jackson and what has Gregg Williams provided as the interim head coach?
  • Who might the Browns be looking at for their next head coach?
  • Nick Chubb has been outstanding the past seven games—is he the back of the future in Cleveland?
  • The Bengals’ defense was gashed by an elementary Ravens offense, pointing to the need for an overhaul at the linebacker group.
  • What is going on with Vontaze Burfict? He hasn’t looked like the same guy—is it injuries, the suspensions, or effort affecting his play this year?
  • Should the Bengals heavily invest in the linebacker position next offseason, or is it a passe spot in today’s NFL?

These and some great listener questions were all part of the program. Our thanks to those who submitted questions and all of our live listeners! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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