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Hue Jackson could replace Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis as early as next year, per report

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‘Give me $500 on things I already know, Alex.’

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

As if we really needed any confirmation, the Bengals have bigger plans for Hue Jackson than being just an assistant coach for Cincinnati.

Jason La Canfora of is reporting that Jackson could be in line for Marvin Lewis’ job should the position come available via Lewis’ retirement or transition to another role in the organization. La Canfora also states it would not be a surprise if this all happens in 2019.

“The recent hiring of Jackson is being viewed as a potential succession plan by several other owners and general managers who are preparing for their own coaching searches.”

If this shocks you, it shouldn’t.

Jackson fits the bill in every possible facet as someone who the Bengals would trust taking over the team for Lewis. Both coaches are obviously very close with one another and have similar philosophies and coaching styles.

Jackson is extremely close with the Bengals organization due to his prior history here as an assistant for a total of seven seasons. He was reportedly in talks with Bengals owner Mike Brown about a possible succession plan back in 2016 before Brown turned it down and Jackson subsequently took the Browns head coaching job.

It has been all downhill for Jackson since he packed his bags for Cleveland. In two-and-a-half seasons, he established himself as the worst head coach in modern NFL history and then went on a blame tour immediately after he was terminated from the position just last month.

But Jackson is back home now, since home is where you move to after you become helplessly unemployed. He also happens to be facing his former team for the first time since his latest firing.

If the Bengals decide to finally move on from Lewis, it will still be Brown’s team, and the process will still be done the way Brown wants it to be done. We know Brown and the entire organization loves Jackson, and we know that they love to promote from within.

Simply connecting the dots, this is something that should’ve been expected from the day they hired him this year.