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Reactions to the Bengals’ 35-20 loss to the Browns

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Yes, you read that score right. Yes, social media had a field day.

NFL Week 12 recap: Bengals fall on their faces against Browns, lose 35-20

Posted by Cincy Jungle on Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Bengals suffered an embarrassing loss to the Browns at home in a must-win game. As you can expect, many Bengals fans turned off the TV at halftime, when the score was 28-7 in favor of the Browns. Andy Dalton also was healthy at that point, which wasn’t the case for much longer as he left the game with a thumb injury shortly after the third quarter began.

Jeff Driskel came in to take his place and tried to lead the Bengals to a comeback. Driskel threw a 28-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd and ran in the ball for a two-yard score, which would be the final two touchdowns of the game. The Bengals lost 35-20, and it really could have been worse without Driskel.

The season is likely over as the Bengals are below .500 for the first time this year with no signs of improving. One of the most-injured teams in recent years is only getting more injured as Dalton, Tony McRae and Jake Fisher all suffered injuries against the Browns. McRae was immobilized and taken to the hospital, where players were going to visit him after the loss.

Here’s some of the reactions to the Bengals’ first loss to the Browns since 2014.

Player reactions:

GIF reactions

More fan reactions ...

Onto the Broncos...