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Bengals CB Tony McRae suffers scary injury against Browns

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Things are getting worse before they get better.

Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Just moments after the Bengals seemed to have lost quarterback Andy Dalton for the game, they suffered another serious injury.

Cornerback Tony McRae has suffered what seems to be a serious neck injury on a Browns punt return, and the backboard was brought out to get him off the field.

The Bengals nearly immediately ruled him out with a concussion.

McRae was seen moving his limbs while on his back, but this is obviously not good news for the backup cornerback. McRae was speared in the neck by a Browns special teamer and the play was not flagged.

The Bengals are already without Dre Kirkpatrick today as he deals with an injury.

We’ll update this when more information becomes available.

UPDATE: McRae posted on Instagram the following message, saying “I’m fine.” We wish him a speedy recovery!