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Marvin Lewis makes clueless statement that’s also damning to the Bengals

Lewis doesn’t have a problem with the Bengals’ effort. Say what?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Lewis really is something.

After the Bengals got crushed by the Browns in Paul Brown Stadium, Lewis did the same thing he always does, even after the worst losses Cincinnati could suffer: He tried to downplay it.

Yes, somehow, Lewis managed to downplay the Bengals getting absolutely dominated at home by the now 4-6-1 Browns, at least when it comes to the team’s effort:

“No. I did not have any issue with that,” Lewis said when asked if he had an issue with effort from the team in the first half.

You read that right. Lewis didn’t think there was an effort problem with the Bengals as they fell behind 35-7 to the Browns.

“I think I said it about three or four times over — it’s not (a preparation issue, or a discipline issue). Our guys just need to relax and do their jobs. Just execute your assignment,” Lewis said after the loss.

So, either the Bengals are so bad that they can play with good effort and still fall behind by four scores to one of the NFL’s worst teams, or Lewis is just feeding us yet another blatant lie.

Either way, this has become a mess that Lewis will probably find a way to once again to wiggle his way out of and remain head coach of the Bengals.

This is just one of many examples of why he needs to be gone in the worst way.

But hey, according to Jordan Evans, Lewis is still giving it his best effort, so...

“He did his best coaching this week, and we lost, and we’ve got Denver coming up, and we can’t sit around and cry about this and mess around next week,” the linebacker said. “We’ve got to try and get back on track and win next week.”