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Damarious Randall trolled Hue Jackson with a meme from The Office

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Or he just pointed out the obvious nature of Marvin and Hue.

Byron Cohen/NBCU Photo Bank

There may not be a happier man alive than Damarious Randall that Hue Jackson is out of Cleveland.

Unfortunately for the Bengals, Jackson was on their sideline during Sunday’s debacle vs. the Browns, which was comical in more ways than we can count at this point.

Much of that had to do with Randall pulling not one but two of the best troll moves you’ll ever see from an NFL player to one of his former coaches.

We already know about how Randall intercepted Andy Dalton and gave the ball to Jackson during the first half.

But Randall was far from done.

After the game, Randall signed a blown-up meme of Jackson as Dwight Schrute from The Office (best show ever), only instead, it read ‘Dwight ScrHUEte.’

For those of you who don’t watch The Office (shame), Schrute is the assistant to the regional manager, Michael Scott, a vastly incompetent boss who only begins to appear smart when standing next to Schrute, which is pretty much how one could sum up Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson.

Here’s to you, Damarious Randall, Mr. troller of the highest order. Someone get this man a Real Men of Genius commercial.