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You can now bet on if Hue Jackson will be head coach of the Bengals in 2019

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And the odds suggest there’s a very real chance it happens.


Is this the last stand for Marvin Lewis? And if so, who will be the Bengals’ next head coach?

The fine folks at Bovada may have an idea of who ‘could’ replace Lewis if he’s let go or moves into a front office role next year. They just released odds on if Hue Hue Jackson will be the head coach of the Bengals for Game 1 of the 2019 regular season.

If you bet yes, you get +170 odds, which isn’t much better than a 50-50 bet. But if you bet no, you get -250 odds.

These odds would seem to indicate that oddsmakers, who typically have great inside info with so much money at stake, think there’s a very real possibility that Jackson is leading Cincinnati in 2019.

Put it this way: Bovada has the odds for Denver winning in Cincinnati this week at -235 if you just pick the Broncos straight up. While the odds are certainly against the Bengals this week, would it really be a big upset if they win at home against a 5-6 Broncos team, especially now that A.J. Green is back?

The fact that a respected sportsbook like Bovada thinks there’s a decent of a chance of Jackson being the Bengals’ next head coach tells you how real the possibility of Bengals head coach Hue Jackson really is.

If the Bengals are going to go with a new head coach in 2019, they need to clean house and start from scratch, not hire a retread with an 11-44-1 career coaching record.

Heck, the Bengals have twice as many postseason appearances (7) under Lewis than Jackson had wins as head coach of the Browns (3) in almost three seasons with them.