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Free agent offensive tackles the Bengals should target

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With Cordy Glenn potentially inactive again next week, the Bengals should work out these free agent tackles.

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The biggest move of the 2018 offseason for the Bengals was adding offensive tackle Cordy Glenn to protect Andy Dalton’s blindside.

If that wasn’t clear before, it certainly was after seeing the team play the Cleveland Browns without him. Any optimism fans had about the situation of Jake Fisher getting the start was quickly squelched when he was injured and the unthinkable happened as Cedric Ogbuehi took the field. Then on Wednesday of this week, both Glenn and Fisher did not practice as they look highly questionable to face the Broncos this coming Sunday.

As can be said about so many things in Cincinnati this weekend, the Bengals have to do better. At this point in the season, finding a replacement for one of the most important positions on the field will not be easy, but there are a few players out there who may be able to get the team through until Glenn and Fisher return.

Will Beatty

Maybe I’m bring up the 33 year-old Beatty because I recently watch Unnecessary Roughness which features a 30-something Scott Bakula suiting up as a true freshman quarterback, or maybe it is just desperation. Beatty had his ups and downs in the NFL. At times he was Pro Football Focus’ golden boy and at times he gave up sacks like a sieve. He has done little to nothing in the past few seasons, but maybe the Bengals can catch him on a hot streak for a short time.

Eric Winston

The on-again, off-again Bengal has frequently been someone the team turns to in desperate times. The Bengals love familiar players (see Matt Lengel) and Winston fits that bill. He is not a great player, especially at this point in his career, but he could be better than current options in the short term.

Cole Croston

Croston is currently on the New England Patriots practice squad and looked impressive when was is able to see the field. He is a young talent who has had some good coaching from Dante Scarnecchia in his NFL career.

Brad Seaton or Timon Parris

Seaton and Parris are a pair of small school practice squad players who may be worth a shot for the Bengals. Seaton is a 6’9” 330 tackle who was drafted in the 7th round of the 2017 NFL draft and is currently on the Cleveland Browns practice squad. Parris is a 6’6” 315 rookie free agent from Stony Brook who is currently on the Redskins practice squad. Both played at small schools, but showed great potential. At this point, what do the Bengals have to lose?

On the roster

Uninspired by the group of available players? Well there are a couple of options on the current roster. Offensive guard Trey Hopkins did pretty well filling in for Billy Price at center. He could further show his versatility by bumping out to tackle. He played a little bit of right tackle and at one point in camp he was considered a legitimate candidate to start at that position.

The other option on the roster is the one they utilized last season. They could move Clint Boling from left guard to left tackle, and start Christian Westerman at left guard. There are two groups of Bengals fans that would love this (the “start Clint Boling at tackle” crowd and the “why isn’t Westerman playing?” people). At the end of the day, this may be necessary but it would take the best player on the Bengals line and weaken him by playing him out of position.

Not ideal.