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Bengals vs Saints: Madden predicts a defensive battle for Cincinnati

We simulated Bengals vs. Saints in Madden to try and predict the outcome. You’ll be surprised by the results in more ways than one.

The Bengals experienced a tight win against the Buccaneers last week and look to carry that momentum through the bye week into their matchup against the Saints on Sunday. This will be a tougher game after watching the Saints beat the undefeated Rams last week. However, if the Bengals defense can turn a corner in the second half of the season like they have before, then the Bengals have a chance. Or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves to refrain from crying.

Let’s take a look at the Madden simulation of this game to get a preview of how the real life version may turn out.

The Saints start with the ball and immediately get a long drive going. They are taking a lot of time off the clock and moving the ball on the ground. The Bengals get them into a third down situation in the redzone, but the Saints convert and score a touchdown in the process.

Michael Thomas touchdown

7-0, Saints.

After the Saints score, neither team is able to get much going on offense for a long while. However, around the two minute warning the Bengals get the ball back and begin to drive down the field. With time running out, the Bengals end up having to settle for a field goal, making it 7-3 going into halftime.

Bengals first field goal

7-3, Saints.

Hey, at least it was the Bengals and not their opponent scoring at the end of the first half!

After halftime, the Bengals get the ball and start a long drive down the field. Their drive stutters inside the redzone and they are forced to settle for a field goal on fourth-and-five.

Bengals second field goal

7-6, Saints.

After the field goal neither team is able to score for a long stretch until the middle of the fourth quarter when the Bengals get the ball. They drive down the field, and on first and goal Andy Dalton finds C.J. Uzomah for the short touchdown. The Bengals go for two and Josh Malone catches the two point conversion. The Bengals take their first lead at 14-7.

C.J. Uzomah touchdown catch

14-7, Bengals!

The Saints get the ball back and end up going four and out giving the Bengals the ball in good field position. They run the ball three times and then kick the field goal; a closer field goal has never been kicked in Madden before. It barely goes in and the Bengals take a 10 point lead at 17-7.

Bengals final field goal

17-7, Bengals!

The Saints get the ball back and end up getting to the one yard line, but it is too little too late as time runs out and the Bengals pull out the stunning victory 17-7.

Final score

2018 Madden Prediction Record: 4-4

Final score and stats