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What happens if Jeff Driskel succeeds in the Bengals’ final 5 games?

Cincinnati has had to turn to their unproven backup quarterback for the remainder of 2018. If he plays well to end the year, might they contemplate a different direction at the position next year?

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Injuries are hitting the Cincinnati Bengals’ roster at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, it’s hit the most important position on their football team in the form of Andy Dalton.

The entrenched starter has landed on I.R., paving the way for the exciting, but unproven Jeff Driskel. He played well last week, but questions on his viability surround the fact that he produced in garbage time, as well as limited tape for opposing defenses to study.

On this week’s episode of The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast, John Sheeran and I discussed the outlook on Driskel going forward. Just how big is the chasm of talent between Dalton and Driskel and what are some of the differences in play between the two?

“I look at it and it’s very similar to what the Ravens have with Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson,” Sheeran said. “Flacco might be a more consistent passer on all three levels of the field, he might be the one to make the right or safe decision, whereas Jackson can extend plays in the pocket and not be as timid to make those riskier kind of throws.

“I think that’s basically what the Bengals have with Dalton and Driskel,” Sheeran continued. “Dalton is a guy who plays it safe. He makes sure that if those first two reads aren’t there, that he has an escape route, or to his check-down or whatever. Driskel can stand in there a little bit longer, maybe shuffle his feet a little and reset, and will take a chance on those tight window throws.”

I noted that, interestingly enough, Driskel will be working with more weapons this week, as A.J. Green has vowed to return to the lineup. So, while the team will be using a backup quarterback, Driskel will have a lot of good weapons to work with, unlike many scenarios he’s been thrown into during the preseason.

The question of Driskel succeeding and the aftermath of the situation was just one of many topics on the table for discussion this week. Here are some of the others:

  • Does Driskel seem like a quarterback who will seek out plays instead of players?
  • What is the biggest issue plaguing the Bengals this year?
  • What happens if Driskel plays well and what does it mean for Cincinnati going forward?
  • Cincinnati has had to deal with an inordinate amount of injuries in 2018. Is it a legitimate excuse for struggles? How does it compare to the rest of the league and how are other teams coping?
  • How can the Bengals make Case Keenum uncomfortable this Sunday?
  • If Cordy Glenn can’t play, will Bradley Chubb and Von Miller feast on Driskel?

We also answered a handful of listener questions from callers. Our thanks to our live listeners and to all of you who download the show! Join us as we record every episode here at Cincy Jungle and on YouTube!

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