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Madden predicts low-scoring slugfest between Bengals and Broncos

We simulated Bengals vs Broncos in Madden to try to predict the outcome of Sunday’s game.

Bengals vs Broncos highlights

Losing at home to the Browns is never fun. Losing your quarterback for the rest of the year is even worse.

The Bengals unfortunately suffered both of these fates this past Sunday as they fell to 5-6 on the season and learned that Andy Dalton would miss the rest of the season with a thumb injury. Against the Broncos, Dalton’s backup Jeff Driskel will be getting the first start of his career and the Bengals will be hoping his athleticism can add another element to this offense. A win this week would be a big help for the Bengals slim playoff chances with just five weeks to go.

Now, let’s take a look at the Bengals vs Broncos Madden simulation to try and predict how the real life version of this game will turn out.

The Bengals start with the ball, but both teams aren’t able to generate much offense for awhile. With the first quarter about to end the Bengals finally get the offense moving with a long completion to Tyler Boyd. The drive ends up stalling out, but the Bengals are able to get into field goal range and score the games first points.

Bengals first field goal

3-0, Bengals

The Broncos get the ball back and go three and out, forcing them to punt. The Bengals get the ball back, but after one first down are also forced to punt. After a good punt return, Case Keenum hits Courtland Sutton deep, who proceeds to shrug off the defender and runs in for the deep touchdown.

Courtland Sutton touchdown

7-3, Broncos

After the touchdown, the Bengals receive the kickoff and manage to get to the 50-yard line before they are forced to punt. The Broncos field the punt and get a good drive going after the two minute warning. However, they end up running out of time well short of the end zone and are forced to kick a field goal.

Broncos field goal

10-3, Broncos

The Broncos get the ball to start the half and start driving down the field. The Bengals defense makes a great stop on third and one from the 45 forcing the Broncos to punt. The Bengals start from inside their own five yard line, but are quickly able to get a good drive going. The Bengals drive all the way down the field and on second and goal Joe Mixon takes a hand-off and breaks a tackle on his way to a touchdown.

Joe Mixon touchdown

10-10, Tie

Neither team is able to get much going for several drives. Halfway through the fourth the Broncos are finally able to get something going. They drive down the field and on first and ten after getting into the red zone, Case Keenum is once again able to find Courtland Sutton wide open for a touchdown.

Courtland Sutton second touchdown

17-10, Broncos

The Bengals get the ball back and end up going three and out. The Broncos get the ball back and after getting a couple first downs are able to just kneel out the rest of the clock. The Bengals fall to the Broncos 17-10.

Final Score

2018 Madden prediction record accuracy: 5-6

Final score and stats