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What would occur if Marvin Lewis moved from Bengals coach to executive?

Many talking heads have spoken of a hypothetical scenario in which Marvin Lewis moves from the Cincinnati Bengals’ head coach and into an executive role with the team. If that transpires, what, if any, positives would occur?

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Cincinnati traveled west to face a team they’ve handled in Southern California recently, but this past Sunday didn’t go their way. Jeff Driskel, Joe Mixon and Co. led a valiant effort, but questionable decisions on two-point conversions and mishaps on fourth downs spelled doom for the Bengals.

The team fell to 5-8 on the year, and with each passing loss, the questions mount. What will this team look like next year? Who will be the faces holding down positions of power?

John Sheeran and I discussed those topics and many more on this week’s podcast. One particular topic of interest (which was supplied to us by a listener), centered around a potential moving of Marvin Lewis to the front office.

What would that entail? Are there even benefits to a such a move that sounds good on paper?

“There has to be a tipping point with the organization as to ‘do we want to grow further from where we are right now?’, and I think a lot of that has to do with completely moving on from Marvin Lewis,” Sheeran said.

“I don’t know if Lewis could be the first guy to become a G.M. outside of Mike Brown—he might be. People talk about moving Marvin Lewis to the front office and I’m thinking: ‘What’s he going to do?’. Is he going to be like a consultant? A secretary? What exactly would his role be in a management position that isn’t a coach involved in football operations,” Sheeran continued. “It’s a very ambiguous plan, in general.”

I countered by adding that Lewis in a front office role would likely point to his having a big hand in picking a head coach to replace him. He’d likely look for someone who has similar approaches and ideals as he does, so for those looking for a one-eighty from the Lewis regime, him being placed in the front office probably won’t bring that.

In fact, if anything, it would give legs to the Hue Jackson takeover rumors.

Also, for those who pointed to Lewis being a draft guru, of sorts, recent classes and high picks have handicapped this team over the past three seasons. Essentially, Lewis is hanging his reputation on the 2009-2011 classes (the 2016 and 2017 hauls aren’t looking to shabby at the moment as well).

We also talked about the following other topics:

  • Mike McCarthy and Hue Jackson are two names that have been linked to the Bengals in varying degrees. Are they viable candidates and which one would bring a higher bar of success?
  • In Cincinnati’s tough loss to Los Angeles, John Ross caught his sixth touchdown of the year. While that’s a nice uptick, the overall receptions and yards have been lacking. What do we make of his supposed progress in 2018?
  • Urban Meyer is a name that a lot of Bengals fans know and love because of his successful tenure with the Ohio State Buckeyes. With a handful of former players on the Bengals’ current roster, might he be a viable candidate to take over as the team’s head coach?
  • Is 2019 an offseason for a rebuild or a re-tool for the Bengals?
  • Believe it or not, Cincinnati still has a small pulse for the postseason this year. But, with such a small chance, a depleted roster and shake-ups seeming to come in 2019, should we even be cheering for them to beat the Raiders?

Our thanks to all of those who tuned in live to submit questions, as well as the calls and emails from listeners throughout the week leading up to the program!

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