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Madden predicts a big game for John Ross against the Raiders

This week Madden predicts a return to form for the Bengals offense.

Bengals vs Raiders highlights

The Bengals are all but eliminated from playoff contention and would be completely eliminated with a loss to the Raiders this Sunday.

Over the last couple of years the Bengals have won games in the last few weeks of the season, and it is not impossible they do something similar this year with a game against the Raiders this week and then facing the Browns the next week. Two wins would heavily push down the Bengals draft pick and likely lock in Marvin Lewis for a 2019 return. Even with the negatives associated with winning it is hard to not cheer for the Bengals to get some wins. At minimum it would be nice to see continued growth from the Bengals young players.

Now, let’s take a look at the Bengals vs Raiders Madden simulation to try and predict how the real life version of this game will play out.

The Bengals start with the ball and immediately set the tone of the game grinding the Raiders down with Joe Mixon. The Bengals get a nice drive going with John Ross catching a deep ball before being tackled at the one yard line. On first and goal from the one The Bengals run it with Mixon and he gets it in, the Bengals are the first team on the board.

Joe Mixon touchdown

7-0, Bengals

After the Bengals touchdown neither team is able to get much going offensively. With six minutes left in the second quarter the Bengals are finally able to get a drive going. They get inside the ten-yard line, but the drive ends up stalling out and they are forced to take the field goal.

Bengals first field goal

10-0, Bengals

The Raiders get the ball back, but are only able to get one first down before the Bengals stop them. With just under one minute left the Bengals start driving down the field. With under 15 seconds left Jeff Driskel hits John Ross to get them into field goal range and Randy Bullock drills it to extend the lead.

Bengals second field goal

13-0, Bengals

At the start of the second half the Raiders get the ball on the kickoff, they aren’t able to get much going offensively and neither are the Bengals for several drives. Eventually the Bengals get the ball in good field position thanks to a good return from Darius Phillips. Once again the Bengals get inside the ten and the Raiders defense holds strong forcing the Bengals to take a field goal.

Bengals third field goal

16-0, Bengals

The Raiders get the ball back and quickly go three and out, punting to the Bengals. The Bengals also go three and out giving it right back. The Raiders finally are able to get a good drive going, and on third down Derek Carr hits Marcell Ateman for the Raiders first points. The Raiders try for two, but do not get it.

Marcell Ateman touchdown

16-6, Bengals

The home team receives the ball and their offense finally kicks itself back into gear. The Bengals move down the field taking a good chunk of time off the clock and on second and goal Jeff Driskel hits Tyler Boyd for the touchdown.

Tyler Boyd touchdown

23-6, Bengals

After the Bengals touchdown the Raiders drive right down the field against the Bengals’ prevent defense. After they get inside the ten-yard line Derek Carr is able to hit Jared Cook for the touchdown.

Jared Cook touchdown

23-13, Bengals

The Bengals receive the ball and go three and out leaving only time for one play for the Raiders. The Raiders try a hail mary with one second left, but it is broken up and the Bengals hold on to win 23-13.

Final score

2018 Madden prediction record accuracy: 6-7

Final score and stats