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Bengals CB Dre Kirkpatrick suffers ankle injury vs. Broncos; has since returned

The Bengals’ secondary lost a player at the wrong time, but it was only temporary.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

*UPDATE* Kirkpatrick has since returned to the field after a slight injury scare.

There’s been nearly as many injuries as points in today’s game between the Bengals and Broncos. The latest injury for the Bengals is Dre Kirkpatrick, who suffered an apparent ankle injury.

Kirkpatrick missed last week’s game with a shoulder injury. Earlier, both Vontaze Burfict and William Jackson briefly left the game and subsequently returned.

A few plays later, the Broncos got the ball back thanks to a muffed punt return by Alex Erickson and Darius Phillips had to come onto the field for Kirkpatrick. On the second play of the drive, Phillips was targeted on a Broncos’ 30-yard touchdown that gave the Broncos a 14-3 lead.