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One NFL reporter thinks Marvin Lewis is out

And Mike Brown apparently convinced Lewis to come back last year.

Oakland Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

The Bengals are going to give Marvin Lewis the chance to remain head coach, but some still believe he’ll step down.

Among them is FOX Sports reporter Jay Glazer, who included Lewis among his list of coaches likely to be leaving their current post:

Glazer added that Lewis was set to leave last year, but owner Mike Brown convinced him to return with the two-year deal Lewis ultimately signed, even though it includes a team option for Year 2, as if you needed more reason to question Brown’s sanity.

Lewis has done nothing to inspire confidence, but he’s apparently developed the kind of bond with Brown that makes the owner scoff at conventional wisdom (or he has some serious dirt on Brown).

I still think Lewis stays, but it’s becoming clear there’s a real chance he leaves. Lewis and Brown are expected to meet Monday, and that meeting could go into Tuesday as Brown is likely going to try again to convince Lewis to stay.

Buckle up.