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Social media reactions to Marvin Lewis’ firing

The internet was abuzz with the new of the departure of the Bengals parting ways with their head coach.

Denver Broncos v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

We never thought it would happen, but the Bengals have finally parted ways with Marvin Lewis.

After 16 years, the Bengals have finally decided to part ways with their winningest head coach in franchise history.

Even though Marvin Lewis has a winning record in his 16 years as the Bengals’ head coach, he wore out his welcome years ago. Lewis lost all seven playoff games in which he appeared and led the team to three straight losing seasons to end his legacy.

For the first time since the invention of Twitter, players fans took to social media to express their surprise.

It was an enormous surprise for most fans, since the Bengals have stuck with Lewis long after it seemed his time was up. Most people were pleased with the decision, despite Lewis taking a terrible mockery of a football team and making them playoff contenders. But his legacy has soured over the last few years, so many people were happy to see the Bengals move on.

First, we have some reactions from a couple of former Bengals:

There were more reactions from members of the media:

And of course, the Cincy Jungle staff had a thing or two to say:

And we have some fan reactions:

Of course, Lewis made sure he had the last laugh.