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Who are intriguing head coaching options if the Bengals let go of Marvin Lewis?

Whether it’s in the college or NFL ranks, there are a number of qualified candidates to take over as head coach if the Bengals decide to finally move on from Marvin Lewis.

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Whether it was after the 2008, 2010 or 2017 seasons, we’ve heard about Marvin Lewis’ job being in jeopardy. Although it seems he has a “get out of jail free card” with unlimited usage, time might be running out for Lewis.

Because of this, many folks are keeping a peripheral eye on possible coaching candidates who could replace him after 2018. Sure, Hue Jackson is in the building and some believe he’ll be the choice, but the team should expand its horizons. Whether it’s in the NFL or college ranks, there seem to be a number of qualified names out there.

Personally speaking, Bruce Arians is an interesting option for a few reasons. Aside from being creative on offense and a quarterback guru, he has experience in coaching within the AFC North division.

“I think, over the next couple of years, we’re going to see teams try to find the next Sean McVay and that’s going to lead to some potentially bad hires...” John Sheeran said on this week’s Orange and Black Insider. “But, I feel like the Bengals are in a position now where they have to take that risk—I don’t think they’re going to take it, though. A guy like Eric Bieniemy, who a lot of fans have talked about, who is the offensive coordinator of the Chiefs and a technical disciple of Andy Reid system, I think he’s about the best as we can possible expect because he has familiarity with the team”.

John and I both noted that Bieniemy was with the team as a player from 1995-1998, but that could also be a deterrent. If offered an interview and/or the job, Bieniemy might balk because of his familiarity of how Mike Brown operates as an owner.

Other names that intrigued John and I at the college level included David Shaw and Lincoln Riley. Unfortunately, they are a bit more roll of the dice if they were given a head coaching job.

Aside from coaching options, we had a bunch of other interesting topics on the table for discussion this week.

  • What’s ahead for the receiving corps in future seasons now that A.J. Green is on I.R. once again and entering his ninth season?
  • Will Josh Malone become a contributor at the end of 2018 and/or in 2019?
  • The strategic missteps have culminated in what we saw against the Broncos and in the team the Bengals fielded on Sunday.
  • The misses on prospects in recent drafts continue to haunt the Bengals and it’s a cause for what looks like their third straight losing season.

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