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WATCH: The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast, 2/13 live stream

On this week’s episode, we look at future options with Cedric Ogbuehi, ask what you love about the Bengals and answer a number of listener questions!

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We’re celebrating Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day the best way we know how: with an episode of The Orange and Black Insider! Join us here or live on YouTube in the above-embedded video to ask your questions and join other Bengals fans from around the globe.

On this episode, we explore some viable options for the future of former first round offensive lineman, Cedric Ogbuehi, as well as talk about what we love about the most with the team who rarely reciprocates those feelings to its fans. Can Obgbuehi salvage his career by a positional move?

Our series on “How to fix the Bengals in 2018” will have its next installment, while we’re also taking listener questions on the program. Submit them here or in the YouTube chat!

If you’re unable to join us live here at Cincy Jungle or YouTube every episode, all Orange and Black Insider content is available here on CJ, as well as on our SoundCloud and YouTube channels, and on iTunes! You can tweet us@BengalsOBI or get in touch with us via email at Thanks for listening!