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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Love is in the air

On this week’s episode, Andy Dalton was a topic of discussion once again, while examining other options with Cedric Ogbuehi was on the table. We also took listener questions from Bengals fans around the globe!

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This week, we did a pre-Valentine’s Day show, but we didn’t show much love to a couple of Bengals veterans. A number of topics were on the table for discussion, including the quarterback.

When we recorded the show, the free agency decision on AJ McCarron hadn’t been made yet, as now he’s set to hit the open market. By all indications, unless the arbitration ruling is overturned, Cincinnati will be in the market for a new backup quarterback this offseason. Will it be a veteran or a rookie?

Here are some of the points of discussion on the most recent episode:

  • We talked about Scott’s recent post on Andy Dalton and options at quarterback this offseason.
  • Does Cedric Ogbuehi have a future with the Bengals by kicking inside to guard?
  • Are halftime adjustments part of what may be “changing” with Marvin Lewis?
  • What should we expect from Joe Mixon in his second season? The potential departure of Jeremy Hill and re-emergence of Giovani Bernard at the end of the year provides a murky picture.

Thanks to all of you who joined us live and submitted questions!

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