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NFL draft 2018: Mike Mayock’s top 6 offensive tackles

Odds are at least one of these guys will be one the Bengals’ roster next season. The Bengals may end up with their pick of these guys.

A lot has been made about the top offensive tackles in the draft, mostly because there isn’t really a consensus number one guy.

Picking your favorite lineman in the class depends on your personal draft evaluations, and how much you or your team is willing to take a risk. The top three offensive tackles are pretty clear, at this point at least, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be changes in how they rank leading up to the draft.

Mike Mayock has outlined his take on the top six tackles from the 2018 class, and with the Bengals missing on their two young offensive tackles and in obvious need at the position, it looks like Cincinnati could end up with at least one of these six players.

1). Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame

Your personal preference may determine this order differently, but I like this safe pick of ranking McGlinchey as the best tackle in the draft class. McGlinchey may never be a Pro Bowler, but the guy should be a solid NFL tackle. That is something the Bengals desperately need with how bad their offensive line played last season. He blows you away with his technique and instincts, but he still needs to add some strength like most rookie tackles coming into the NFL.

The Bengals simply can’t afford to miss again on another offensive tackle, and they won’t with McGlinchey.

2). Orlando Brown, Oklahoma

Brown is the perfect example of potential. He is a block just waiting to be molded, but the problem is you just don’t know if it is going to end up right. At 6’8” and 360 pounds, you can’t say Brown doesn’t measure up to NFL tackles, and while strength is an issue for the other two guys in the top three, Brown doesn’t have those worries.

What is ironic though is the same thing that makes him such an intriguing prospect is also one of his bigger weaknesses. Brown’s height will give him issues against defenders with good leverage. Scouts have also raised concerns with him being a left tackle and if teams agree he could fall.

New Bengals offensive line coach Frank Pollack would be one of the few reasons I’d have faith in this pick though. As he should be able to mold him into a starter.

3). Connor Williams, Texas

People will quickly think of Williams being a Cedric Ogbuehi-like pick, but the difference is that Williams dealt with a major injury during his final year but played in the last two games for Texas. And, he got right back to business, excelling in those games. That means he likely won’t miss valuable offseason time. Plus he has more upside than most will give him credit for because of the injury. During his sophomore season he was viewed as one of the best offensive tackles in the country, not just his class. He is known for his run blocking, and the area people point to as a weakness is his core strength, but that is something he can build up considering he is still in his early 20s.

If Williams can prove his injury is behind him, he could be the perfect fit for Pollack on the outside of this offensive line.

4). Tyrell Crosby, Oregon

The rest of the guys on this list likely are not a possibility for the Bengals at No. 12. These last few guys are players the Bengals can target if they trade back, or if they fall to them in the second round. If you think the Bengals won’t draft tackles in the first and second round then let me remind you they did the same that in the 2015 draft with Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher.

Crosby has ideal size at 6’5” and 325 pounds. He needs a lot of work on his technique to maximize his size and strength. He is looked at as a right tackle who will be great in the run game, but there are doubts about his quickness in the passing game. Overall he would be a great pick in the second round if he falls that far.

T-5). Kolton Miller, UCLA

For those who want the potential of Brown but with less of the risk, Miller also stands at 6’8”, but he lacks the same kind of mass as Brown. He similarly struggles with leverage, but he possesses ability that could be molded by the right coach. He doesn’t posses the same possibility of becoming a left tackle like Brown because of his complete lack of speed, but he could have a great career as a right tackle if he adds some weight and cleans up his technique.

T-5). Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State

Rankin is an interesting player to have in the top five. It may be more of an indication of this tackle class as a whole. He lacks the speed to be a great left tackle and the power to be a great right tackle. Unless he improves in those areas he isn’t going to make it along the outside. Analysts have suggested he may be destined for moving inside, possibly all the way to center.