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NFL Bad Lip Reading is back with 2017 edition

And it even has Andy Dalton making a brief appearance.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Bad Lip Reading is back with another installment of their hilarious parody of the NFL.

If you follow the guys at BLR, they do some great work for TV shows, movies and sports that leave fans begging for more. Back in 2013, BLR took the Internet by storm when they invaded the NFL by putting words into the mouths of various players and coaches, and the results were hilarious.

In case you missed it, the first version of “The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading” was great and produced the classic “I want cake NOW” line by Jim Harbaugh.

They just put out Part I of their 2015 NFL season edition, and it’s as good as ever. It even features the Cincinnati Bengals with quarterback Andy Dalton plotting to drop tombstones from an airplane (we cannot confirm or deny if those are the tombstones of the receivers he gets killed throwing over the middle).

Here it is: