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NFL Draft 2018: Mike Mayock’s top 5 edge rushers

The Bengals loaded up on pass rushers last year, but if they lose a few this offseason, they could afford to upgrade bring in a few more this year.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mayock revealed his top five edge rushers prior to the NFL Scouting Combine.

The Bengals may not be looking at this position too closely, but you never know where these guys will end up, and if one of them rises or falls, it could impact the players that will be available for the Bengals to select.

1). Bradley Chubb, N.C. State

Chubb is the next great pass rusher to enter the NFL. He has great size and speed. He has all the tools you’d want in your future franchise pass rusher. He has been highly productive at N.C. State. Chubb also has one of the best motors out of this year’s class of pass rushers. He also has the ability to play defensive end in a 4-3 or outside linebacker in a 3-4 where most players fit in one or the other. Chubb shouldn’t make it past pick three unless there is a trade for a quarterback.

2). Marcus Davenport, UTSA

There is quite the drop off at this position after Chubb. Davenport is a player who still needs time ti fill out into his frame. His motor also doesn’t allow him to be a player who provides consistent pressure on the quarterback at this point in his career. He has been a stand up pass rusher at UTSA, but he has the Build to become a defensive end in a 4-3 if needed. He is a player who is still fairly far from his potential.

3). Arden Key, LSU

Key has been descending for a few seasons at LSU. He once showed the burst to be able to get by offensive tackles with ease. At 6’6 with his long arms, he has shown the ability to put consistent pressure on the quarterback, but his commitment to the game has been in question due to the decline of his performance on the field. He will most likely have to play in a 3-4 defense.

4). Harold Landry, Boston College

Landry likes the size you’d want from one of your premier pass rushers. His arm length and burst more than make up for it though. The one thing he will have to improve on is his actual pass rushing moves. He relied on his speed at Boston College, and that won’t get by NFL caliber offensive tackles. He is a guy who in a few years, could be wreaking havoc though if he perfects his craft.

5). Sam Hubbard, Ohio State

Hubbard has a good technique as far as attacking offensive tackles, and his height and weight are what you look for from an edge rusher. The problem is he doesn’t have that initial burst to beat NFL offensive tackles. He has a great motor that will make him a pretty highly regarded player in this year’s draft, but Hubbard is pretty much what you see is what you get. He has a decent sized floor because of his motor, but his ceiling doesn’t go much higher than that.