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Reactions to Bengals trading for Bills LT Cordy Glenn

The fans are happy. YES, the Bengals actually did something to make fans happy.

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears

The Cincinnati Bengals have traded for a quality starting left tackle in former Bills lineman Cordy Glenn.

The news came as quite a surprise and Bengals fans were mostly thrilled. Seriously, nothing has made us excited on the day that free agency legal tampering starts in as long as I can remember.

The reactions were great and came in quick and with hysterics. Here are some of the best reactions to the Bengals trading for Glenn. Leave yours in the comments section!

But really, WHATTTTT?!

The Bills and Bengals have been paling out ever since Andy Dalton and Tyler Boyd sent the Bills to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years.

The biggest loser in this trade: Cedric Ogbuehi.

A lot of people just couldn’t believe it and didn’t know what to do with themselves...

Here’s how it all evens out, if you buy into this...

This is largely how Bengals fans feel...

But then again, there are always some people who are just perpetually mad.