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Bengals new LT Cordy Glenn gets warm welcome from former Georgia teammates

Cordy Glenn seems like he’ll fit in just fine with a Bengals locker room that is full of former Georgia Bulldogs.

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The Bengals’ trade for Cordy Glenn is official now, and it seems obvious there won’t be any awkwardness in the locker room with him joining the team. In fact, it is starting to feel more like a college reunion than an introduction.

Glenn is getting a warm welcome from his former Georgia teammates, which includes A.J. Green, Shawn Williams, Geno Atkins and Clint Boling. In fact, Boling and Glenn will be switching the positions they played in college (Boling played left tackle while Glenn lined up at left guard). Glenn is also tied for the most starts at Georgia (50). Who is he tied with? Boling, of course. The duo played together for two years in 2009 and 2010.

“I know he’s a smart player, good player, a veteran guy, a leader,” Glenn told Geoff Hobson of Boling. “The biggest thing with the line is it’s usually a tight-knit group and we’re a bunch of hard workers and we’re not going to be all in the media, the big story. But we just put our heads down and work.”

Glenn is already joking about his new teammates as well. He and Green shared a field for most of their college careers, but when news of the trade broke, Green texted his congratulates to Glenn, rather than calling like some of the other Bulldogs turned Bengals.

“A.J.’s a little diva,” Glenn said jokingly of Green’s text. “I’ve talked to Clint and Geno … It’s big for me.”

Really the headline there is that Atkins actually spoke. Atkins is known for being very short with the media, which is his right. After all, not every athlete is a big media guy. We have also heard rumors that Glenn was very similar in Buffalo, so this interview may be a rare one. What we will have to look forward to is Glenn and Atkins politely nodding to each other as they sit in complete silence for a few hours, and then shaking hands as they leave their very emotional heart-to-heart. (Joking of course, but are we?)

Glenn also has a connection with the man the Bengals are hoping he will replace, Andrew Whitworth. The two had the same college coach and they have “texted a couple times” when Glenn wanted some pointers on edge rushers he would be facing. Glenn also has worn the same number, 77, since coming into the league, but he was surprised he even had a chance to wear it in Cincinnati.

“I thought Whit’s number might be retired,” Glenn told Hobson.

Honestly it wouldn’t have been surprising. At some point that number should be hung up to commemorate on of the greatest offensive linemen the Bengals have ever had. Still, it would really show the Bengals’ expectations of Glenn to give him the number 77. That decision is up to Marvin Lewis. Although, it seems like the team definitely does have high hopes for him if they thought highly enough of him to move back nine spots in the first round to bring him in. As of now, he doesn’t have a number assigned to him on the Bengals’ roster.

It seems like with all the connection he has to the Bengals, Glenn is ready to prove his worth and help turn things around for the offensive line and team.

“I’m looking for the opportunity to win,” Glenn said. “I like to compete. I think it will be a good fit for me.”