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Bengals safety George Iloka has Cincinnati chili hot takes

Iloka is NOT a fan of Gold Star or Skyline Chili.

Cincinnati residents are known for their love of Cincinnati chili.

George Iloka isn’t from Cincinnati but he spends a good portion of his time in town as a safety for the Cincinnati Bengals. But, don’t count Iloka among the Skyline or Gold Star chili fans.

Iloka started sharing his Cincinnati chili hot takes on Twitter last night and predictably Bengals fans had TONS of reactions. It’s simply not the best idea to share your disdain for Cincinnati chili when you’re a member of the Bengals. I once interviewed former Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu and asked him which he liked better: Skyline or Gold Star and he said neither! His girlfriend at the time quickly told him to be quiet and that he couldn’t have that on the record. Well, it’s on the record, and he’s no longer on the Bengals.

But, back to Iloka. Check out some of the Tweets that emerged on the topic of Cincinnati chili (there are SO many) below...

It all started with this:

And Iloka got hundreds — maybe thousands — of responses to this Tweet, like this:

He laughed it off...

Some told him to “stick to sports”

And Iloka laughed that off, too.

He doesn’t like that it comes from a bag. Which is kind of understandable, but let’s not think about that.

More than one fan went as far as to call for his release.

Though some agreed with his take on Cincy chili.

This is funny.

Iloka asked some friends about their thoughts on Cincinnati chili and they took his side.

Iloka says he won’t be run out of town over this though and he will use his platform to speak out against (GASP) “bad chili”.

George Iloka will not “stick to sports” and going in on Cincinnati chili is now one of his missions. If you’re not following Iloka on Twitter, I highly recommend it.

Care to disagree with the Bengals safety?